CELEBRATE CE! Experience is Everything


  • The Celebration will be held on May 24, 2019, at 5:00 PM
  • Location: This is an outdoor event on the beautiful Santa Rosa campus - See location map
  • Keynote speaker: STAY TUNED!

Step #1 - Apply for your Certificate

  • Go to santarosa.edu and sign in to myCubby
  • On the left margin, Click Check MY CERTIFICATE Progress
  • Click Certificate Audit
  • Read the page, then Click I have read and understand this warning
  • Read the page, then Click Catalog 2017-2018
  • Select your specific Certificate from the drop-down list
  • Verify that you have met the requirements for successful completion of your certificate program by reviewing this page

Now, the MOST IMPORTANT step…

  • Click Application for Certificate found toward the bottom of the page
  • Respond to the two questions by clicking Yes or No
  • Confirm your name appears EXACTLY the way YOU want your name printed in the Celebrate CTE Program
  • Finally, click I have read and understood the requirements for submitting this petition  
  • Click “Submit” and you’re done!

Step #2 - Sign up!

Submit an email to celebratecte@gmail.com stating:
I plan to attend the CTE Celebration” and “I will be awarded the following certificate(s) and/or degree ___________”. That’s all!


Our own SRJC Graphic Design students have designed a beautiful invitation to give out to your friends and family. Your professors will hand deliver the invitations during class sessions, toward the end of March. Feel free to invite as many guests as you would like!


The celebration (for which there is NO rehearsal) will be held on the Santa Rosa campus under the oaks, south of the bookstore in the middle of our beautiful campus. Participants should arrive at the Doyle Library by 4:30 PM for the lineup.
Faculty members will hold up department signs designating where you will line up. Find your department, get in line and start the party!


Your choice! This is a fun event. Wear what makes YOU happy.

Special Moment

About midway through the celebration, your Dean will announce your certificate program and request that you stand as a department. Your program coordinator and/or professor(s), who will be seated with you will award you a commemorative pin designed by one of your peers.


All students applying for their certificates prior to May 5, 2019, will have their name printed in the Celebrate CTE! program. If you missed the deadline your name will not be listed, but you can still join us as we celebrate YOU!


Call the Career & Technical Education (CTE) office at (707) 524-1792 if special assistance is needed for non-ambulatory or vision-impaired guests. Contact Disability Resources Department at (707) 527-4581 to request equipment for the hearing impaired.