Visits to Career Education (CE) departments are offered as a small group activity for high school students specifically interested in pursuing their education in our programs. Visits to certain CE programs are difficult to convene since programs/departments have classes during high school hours; for that reason, certain programs are open to visitors while others are not.

In the past, CE visits have comprised of:

  • A regular school tour, with a CE presentation.

  • A tour of the school with a quick visit to certain CE programs and a CE presentation.

  • A tour of specific CE programs/departments (see below).

  • A regular school tour and a presentation by specific instructor/or program.

High school groups may request visits to the following Career Education programs (depending on staff and faculty availability)

  • Child Development

  • Culinary

  • Health Sciences

  • Industrial Trade Technology

  • Media Services – TV Studio

  • Public Safety Training Center

  • Shone Farm

  • Theater Arts

  • Other - visits to other CE Programs may also be available upon request.

Please be advised that some CE tours may be scheduled without an assigned escort. Others are provided by Student Ambassadors when SRJC classes are in session: Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Those tours start every hour on the hour.

You are always welcome to enjoy a brown-bag lunch "under the oaks" during your visit (weather permitting) or take advantage of our dining options in the Bertolini Student Center.



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